Head Configurations

Here are a few examples for head configurations.  Both the AFS and MCA Series CNC Machines can use the same type of heads, and the possibilities are not limited to those configurations shown.  Air cylinder controlled slave heads are also available.

Our Software automatically adjusts for the spacing between the heads, all the user need to do is specify which head to use, and everything else is automatic.

3.25HP Porter Cable with 5HP Perske Spindle


1/2HP Drill motor with 5HP Perske Spindle



Two 7HP Perske Spindles

Two Milwaulke Drills set up as a Drill and Tap Head with

a 7 HP Perske Spindle

Drilling Operation 
Tap head behind drill

Tapping Operation 
Tap head ahead of drill

This system uses an air cylinder conrolled by the computer to position a slave tapping head either ahead or behind the drill.

The software automatically shifts the head position so the tap head is exactly where the drill head used to be.  The Software also figures out the Feed speed for the Tap so the user only needs to specify the number of threads per inch of the tap.

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