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Installation and Training

Installation and Training (two days total)  is included with our AFS and MCA Series machines.

We hook up the machine to an electrical drop provided in advance by the customer, level the machine, hook up the machine to the dust collector and hook up the vaccum pump.  The CAD/CAM software is mailed out immedatly upon ordering a machine, so you can familiarize yourself with the basics,  then after the installation and testing of the machine, we will train you on all of the features and functions of the machine, as well as the software.  Many complex parts are not possilble to program during this training, however our goal is for each customer to be cutting some parts before we leave.  We also offer application engineering for those customers who would like us to write complex programs, instead of learning to do it themselves.

Here are some pictures of machines in various shops.  Click small pictures for larger (640 x 480) version

Fentress Marine's 3 AFS Series Machines

one 60"x120" with one Milwaulke Drill and one 7HP Perske Router (front) and

two 60"x48" with 1/2HP 1750RPM Drill Motor and one 7HP Perske Router

Penensula Woodworks' 2nd AFS Series Machine

60" x 48" with two 7HP Perske Routers

Aquamarine Products' AFS Series Machine

60" x 120" with one 3.25 Porter Cable and one 7HP Perske Routers




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