Motion Control Software

Absolute Program ScreenIntroducing the Production Automation Technology, Absolute Position G Code Processor! This program turns a regular IBM PC (or compatible) into a Motion Controller. This is a DOS based program used to produce step and direction signals for stepper motor and step servo systems using industry standard G Codes. It is very user friendly, yet offers many advanced features, typically only found on dedicated controllers. Click on Screen for a Larger version.

Can Control up to 5 Axis

Supports Absolute Position Programming

NOW Supports Relative Position Programming TOO!

Built in error tracking and correction to prevent accumulated rounding errors (In Relative Mode TOO)!

Home Machine Function built in

CNC Files are sorted Alphabetically, and subdirectories are supported

Allows user to edit program quickly and easily

Shows Current Line in program as machine is runing

Allows user to Stop, and Restart in the middle of a program

Allows user to "Rewind" or "Fast Forward" through a Program

Supports Manual Movement

Supports Many Canned Drilling Cycles (G81-G89)

NOW Supports Z (End Height) and R(Return Height)

Supports Automatic Spindle Power

Supports Automatic Auxiliary control for coolant, or dust collection.

Supports Totaly Automatic, and Quick Change Tool Changers, up to 100 Tools

Shows Actual Run Time of part upon completion

Built in Array and Offset Functions

NOW Supports Labels, Jumps, and Calls, for more advanced programming

NOW Scaling, and Mirroring Functions

Shows Machine Position and Limit Switch Status

Supports 3 Head operation (2 CNC with one Air actuated slave)

Many CAD/CAM Packages already use G Codes

Many Post Processors are already Available

Can be customized for many applications

Private Labeling available, I can put your companies name across the top.

Bulk Rate Pricing available for OEM's

On Site Training and Application Engineering available

Download The Manual in Word for Windows Format ( CLICK HERE!






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